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centre  partners with international law firm Nabarro and is a preferred service provider for International SOS.

centre and Nabarro jointly provide a unique service that comprehensively addresses employers’ need to manage psychological difficulties in their workforce from a clinical, organisational and legal perspective and enables claims assessors to process insurance claims related to mental health problems in a swift, efficient and cost-effective manner.

Combining centre’s psychological, organisational and occupational mental health expertise with Nabarro’s technical legal advice means that we can offer an holistic employee mental health and performance framework.

The centreNabarro partnership ensures that HR, managers and insurance claims assessors are able to prepare for and address mental health issues in the workplace and can act effectively to reduce their frequency and impact.

The centreNabarro partnership also provides the framework to improve the speed and quality of care for affected employees.

centre is a preferred service provider for International SOS, a worldwide organisation providing medical services to 80 per cent of FTSE 100 companies.