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With centre you are in safe hands

Managing mental health makes good business sense

centre provides occupational mental health and organisational consultancy services to employers.

centre has a team of 70 clinical specialists and organisational consultants.

centre partners with international law firm Nabarro.

centre and Nabarro jointly provide a unique service that comprehensively addresses employers’ need to manage psychological difficulties in their workforce from a clinical, organisational and legal perspective.

Our holistic and comprehensive approach to the management of psychological and organisational difficulties in the workplace will significantly enhance your organisation:

  • easy, immediate access to a range of high quality specialist services operating under one roof
  • effective clinical, organisational and legal management of complex situations involving employees suffering from psychological problems
  • containment and reduction of sickness leave and absenteeism
  • fulfilment of ‘duty of care’ requirements to employees suffering from psychological difficulties
  • improved workforce retention and reduction in recruitment costs
  • containment and reduction of financial losses due to poor performance or compensation for unfair dismissal, discrimination or other legal proceedings by employees

Our services include:

Clinical services

a) Specialist assessment and treatment

  • occupational mental health assessments
  • psychiatric assessments and treatments
  • psychological assessments
  • psychotherapy
  • cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)
  • specialist counselling
  • vocational rehabilitation

b) Psychological support

  • wellbeing support and education
  • counselling
  • pre-assignment mental health training for employees and their families

Organisational services

If you are concerned about how well key people in your organisation perform in their executive and senior management roles, Executive Coaching can be provided through one of our specialists.

If departments in your organisation struggle to achieve their objectives or targets because they operate in dysfunctional ways you should discuss the situation with one of our Organisational Consultants. They specialise in helping organisations recover their capacity to function effectively.

Legal services

centre and Nabarro work as a team to ensure that your organisation has access to the most comprehensive backup regarding the management of psychological problems at work from clinical, organisational and legal perspectives.

If you want to make sure that your organisation has the right legal and procedural framework to manage mental health problems at work, you can obtain assistance from our legal partner Nabarro.

Legal services provided to your organisation through the Nabarro-centre partnership include:

  • a full audit of your current policies, processes and documentation
  • we will  create – and help you implement – a suitable framework and annual reviews against targets
  • comprehensive training for your HR team, management and staff
  • expert consultancy on specific issues, transactions or disputes
  • seminars for all your staff to foster mental health and emotional wellbeing

Why is this clinical, organisational and legal approach different?

No law firm other than Nabarro can claim to bring a deep psychological understanding to employment issues.

No occupational health business other than centre can claim a strong grasp of the legal implications of its clinical judgements.

The Nabarro-centre partnership has full legal and clinical back-up – that’s what makes our joint clinical, organisational and legal offering unique.